Desert (island) Essentials

I’m making a little trip up to the most arid desert on Earth. This is what I have in my backpack!

Everything is high in SPF but the colour palette is pretty neutral, so I can mix things up a bit. I love the Mythical eyeshadow in particular because its really buildable, and can take me from pretty day to bright, shimmery night in a few swipes of the brush! (Sorry my brushes aren’t pristine in this photo!)


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Beauty Review: Tarte multiplEYE primer & Lights, Camera, Lashes!

I’ve always been a bit funny with mascara, and must admit it’s never been one of my favourite beauty items. It was one of the last makeup products I started wearing; I’d only ever use it for special occasions because I hated that it was so difficult to budge, and I always seemed to be losing lashes in the process of taking it off. I even went through a phase of just wearing false lashes instead! (yup, even in the day time… it didn’t last long)

Mascara is also a pretty complicated product to buy and try out. Everybody uses a different one and has a different method, not to mention its countless brush/comb, plastic/fibre, curling/lengthening/volumizing combos… It’s all a bit of a palava and then  you still have to decide whether you want black, very black or whatever new black there is this time round! Continue reading “Beauty Review: Tarte multiplEYE primer & Lights, Camera, Lashes!”