Back to life

Back to reality…

So many an update are well over-due, but I would like to immediately digress.

Something I figured out a while ago is that life worth blogging about doesn’t often leave time to blog about it, which is sad because so many exciting things are happening that I’d like the world to know about!

But alas, I don’t have time to retroactively recount my entire year abroad filled with adventures for you all, though I have considered it. I am way too overwhelmed with trying to keep my head above water while being hit with the crashing waves of joy that are the final year of my degree. Not only do I have translation upon translation to do, por, para and the preterite tenses coming out of my ears (in Spanish and in Portuguese) but I also have a 40 credit super nasty lofty liberal thought history module (which is actually quite interesting, if brain-pain-inducing) AND applications for anything that has grad as a prefix or a suffix. All while trying to keep the creative cogs of my brain turning by attending life drawing sessions, joining the photography society, and knitting myself a scarf (if I’m lucky it’ll be ready for next winter). Phew!

But despite all the hectic-ness, I am overjoyed about being back. Not something I ever expected to say upon return from my year abroad. While my time away was like a dream, I know that that could be my reality if I want it to, and being away made me realise just how many opportunities there are out there, but also that I can go and get them at pretty much any stage. I can’t wait to finish my degree and I’m determined to do my utmost in making this year my most academically successful. I am also determined to make it fun. As my German housemate in Chile said to me the other day, “there isn’t much point if you’re not enjoying it”, and I must say I wholeheartedly agree.

Life has proven to me that adventure can be found anywhere, and I’m ready to take it on.