Desert (island) Essentials

I’m making a little trip up to the most arid desert on Earth. This is what I have in my backpack!

Everything is high in SPF but the colour palette is pretty neutral, so I can mix things up a bit. I love the Mythical eyeshadow in particular because its really buildable, and can take me from pretty day to bright, shimmery night in a few swipes of the brush! (Sorry my brushes aren’t pristine in this photo!)


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Beauty Review: The Lip Scrub & Sugar Lip Treatment

I decided my first reviews would be of the things I’ve used most, which have to be the lip products! I’m a big fan of a statement lipstick, so keeping my lips in tip top condition is high on my list of priorities!

The Lip Scrub – Sara Happ

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What’s your favourite makeup brand?

I hate being predictable, and fitting in with the crowd, but I do have to admit that MAC cosmetics are my absolute favourite. I’m a die-hard MAC fan. I don’t know what it is. Something about the smooth, sleek black packaging and the vibrant, highly pigmented products just makes me swoon. The prices are usually fairly reasonable (except the new Gareth Pugh line – WTF MAC? Seriously?), the products last practically forever, and they always look awesome – what’s there to complain about?


Since entering the blogosphere however,  I hope to begin to experiment with some of the products favourited out there, like NARS Orgasm blush, and Illamasqua foundations…. Only time will tell if they can make it onto my favourites list. Til’ then I’m MAC til’ I die.