About MizzBusby

My name is Lauren Busby. I’m a 21 year old student of joint honours Hispanic Studies and History at the University of Nottingham. Currently on my year abroad living in Chile on an English Language Assistantship through the British Council, this is my first time ever residing in a country that’s not an island (weird, aye?). Born on St Maarten of what were the Netherlands Antilles, I grew up there before moving to a smaller island called Nevis. I then relocated to Leeds, England with my mom for a plethora of reasons that definitely deserve a cup of coffee and a slice of cake to talk about.

I started properly ‘blogging’ when I was chosen to join Bangs and a Bun’s Team Bangs on the Run, with a sort of ‘fitspiration’ shrine of images and occasional posts on the progress of my half-marathon training. Being almost as intermittent with my blogging as I had been with my training, I made this “space” for formal posts… which was pretty boring cause I still never really blogged… So I turned it into something else, and changed the theme, yet again, but still no joy. Now I’m on my year abroad and this is a place where I’ll update about my South American adventure, reflections on anything from news to nail polish and probably a bit of running in between.

Thanks for visiting my blog, please feel free to leave me comments (they make my day!) and expect replies, though I wouldn’t advise holding your breath between posts…

Lauren x