One semester down, only one more to go!

My student days are quickly slipping through my fingers, I’ve turned 22 (no Taylor Swift) yet according to a very accurate Facebook test, I have the mental age (and concentration span) of a ten year old. While I’m not sure why it reckons I’m so juvenile, I’m definitely trying to keep the kid inside alive, and I’m sure many-a-student would tell you that they too, don’t want to grow up. So I’m doing extra curricular activities like I’ve never done them before and making time to do things I really love.

Ageing crisis aside, this is really helping me enjoy my final year of Uni. Something about it being the last year has me all carpe diem. I never did progress much with the knitting but I have joined the salsa team and hope to be competing next semester. I’ve used spare moments to volunteer as makeup artist at the student-run theatre on campus, and make a few links to hopefully do some shoots!

The only thing still nagging my mind is what I’ll do once I graduate. While there are so many options out there, I can’t quite decide just what I want to do as a proper adult. I chose my degree because it incorporates everything I enjoy academically (history) while indulging my fascination with different cultures and my chatty, nosy nature (languages). But I always find myself at a crossroads. I think it all boils down to fear. I’m scared I’m not clever enough to be an academic, but when I look at people who have the artistic careers I dream of, they seem so fearless. Having taken the academic route I worry that it’s too late and wonder how I could even get my foot on the first rung of that ladder.


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