Body Party

I’m not usually the greatest at picking up new music, and I’m definitely a stick-with-my-classic-faves kinda person, but Ciara is one of those artists whose albums I bought on CD (anyone remember those?) and I was a big fan so I am so glad to see she’s back making music.

Ciara is looking amazing in this video and I’m definitely inspired by her two makeup looks, her ombré hair (I don’t want this trend to end, it suits everyone) and her 90s inspired track pants and vest combo.

The vampy lip she’s sporting in the house party scenes of the video were all the rage on NY Fashion Week catwalks, ranging from ruthless reds and passionate plums to hues as deep as aubergine.



Rihanna has also been seen rocking a similar plum toned lip, notably at her Rihanna for River Island launch.

I’m yet to find my perfect plum but recently during my Instagram #5daymakeupchallenge I came up with a dupe using Nightmoth lipliner and everyone’s favourite red, Ruby Woo.


I definitely want to give the shimmery grey shadow look a try, I’m sure that combined with a nude lip the way Ciara wears it in this video, that it’s a look that could work for anyone.


Body Party is a pretty sensual tune with luscious lyrics, wicked video imagery from the legendary Director X, as well as some pretty steamy choreography.

I’m loving it already so hopefully this will be a start to some success for the singer, who has been struggling to keep any attention in recent years. Ciara’s upcoming album, self titled Ciara is due to drop on the 9th of July.



  1. iDealau · April 23, 2013

    This video is giving me everything, she hit me with that 90’s flow, gave me that urban butterfly and a drop. YASSSSSSS

  2. rochellerianne · April 23, 2013

    I’ve found my perfect plum! It’s by Mavala and I think it’s called Dahlia. It looks like a shimmery rebel (MAC) but when you put it on its more plum and less pink like the MAC.

    Now Ciara! Oooh child! She be werkin it boo!

    • MizzBusby · April 23, 2013

      Ooh, I’ve never heard of Mavala! I’ll have to look into it, though I’m not a massive fan of shimmery lip products usually.

      • rochellerianne · April 23, 2013

        It doesn’t come out shimmery it just looks shimmery in the case!! I got it from the cosmetics lady that comes onto campus!

      • MizzBusby · April 23, 2013

        Ooh, wanna get me one?! Haha! X

      • rochellerianne · April 23, 2013

        I will! I never know when we comes but she needs to hurry I wanna stock up on foundation before I graduate lol

      • MizzBusby · April 23, 2013

        What foundation do you use?!

      • rochellerianne · April 23, 2013

        Elizabeth Arden, only need a tiny bit and it has great coverage AND SPF

      • MizzBusby · April 23, 2013


      • rochellerianne · April 23, 2013

        £8 from her £26 in debenhams!!

      • MizzBusby · April 23, 2013

        That’s amazing!

  3. zenobia · June 22, 2013

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    can you recall anything at all? any help greatly appreciated. gypsy696 at gmail dot com

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