Liberty x Levi

Things have been a bit quiet on the blog of late, sorry! I’ve been super busy, moving for the 298313th time since I arrived here in Chile, as well as enjoying life quite a bit! I’ll be trying to post some of the stuff I’ve done soon, so please keep the faith 🙂

This morning I got the most amazing email. My favourite denim brand Levi’s have finally released their collaboration collection with the vintage fabric powerhouse that is Liberty of London.



Liberty has done several notable collaborations, like their one with Nike for example, which I have loved and this one is no exception.


I doubt I’ll be able to get any of the collection while I’m here in Chile, but if all my dreams came true, these are my choices of the 15 piece collection:

ImageThese shorts are simple Levi’s classics, and I just love the patterned pockets peeking out! Nothing says spring more than floral patch pockets, right?


Bringing the denim waistcoat right back to the fashion forefront with this print panel is just the update my S/S wardrobe would love to have!

ImageFinally, with the reign of the crop top looking to come to no end, I’m sure this piece will be most popular!

If any of you feel like sending me a gift, I’d be more than pleased with any of these!

Lauren x


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