Beauty Review: Tarte multiplEYE primer & Lights, Camera, Lashes!

I’ve always been a bit funny with mascara, and must admit it’s never been one of my favourite beauty items. It was one of the last makeup products I started wearing; I’d only ever use it for special occasions because I hated that it was so difficult to budge, and I always seemed to be losing lashes in the process of taking it off. I even went through a phase of just wearing false lashes instead! (yup, even in the day time… it didn’t last long)

Mascara is also a pretty complicated product to buy and try out. Everybody uses a different one and has a different method, not to mention its countless brush/comb, plastic/fibre, curling/lengthening/volumizing combos… It’s all a bit of a palava and then  you still have to decide whether you want black, very black or whatever new black there is this time round!

All that aside, I do now wear mascara (though not on a daily basis) and even have a few favourites. So when I received the mini sized tarte multiplEYE primer and Lights, Camera, Lashes! combo I was a bit sceptical and put off trying it for a little while. I’d just about settled on the fact that Benefit They’re Real! mascara was superceding my Maybelline Falsies as the best mascara of them all before this little duo came along trying to push things out of place again.

When I wore the tarte mascara & primer combo it left my lashes feeling lush and thick, unlike the stiff and rigid feeling you get with most mascaras, they felt almost natural! In doing some research online for this post, I found out that tarte are a natural brand dedicated to ensuring that their products are as good looking as they are good for you! They are free of parabens, phthalates, and synthetic fragrances among other chemical nasties.

Here’s what tarte have to say about their multiplEYE lash primer:

An eyelash primer infused with high-performance natural™ ingredients to increase the appearance of lash volume and increase the appearance of lash length as it preps and primes your lashes—making it the ultimate base for bombshell lashes. The precision bristles of the cone shaped brush separate and evenly coat every last lash to deliver conditioning nutrients that stimulate lashes from root to tip.

Product Performance: This primer combines natural plant waxes and film formers to extend and increase the appearance of lash volume, while our clinically-proven HydroPlant™ peptide, a soy-amino super protein, helps improve the appearance of lash length and growth. To achieve maximum volume, use as a part of the multiplEYE™ 3-step regimen for naturally enhanced lashes without the prescription or the harmful side effects.

Powered By: HydroPlant™ peptide: a naturally derived, proprietary blend proven to increase lash volume while increasing health and appearance of length.

And Lights, Camera, Lashes! mascara:

A lengthening, curling, volumizing, and conditioning mascara infused with olive esters to condition, treat, and protect lashes.

Product Performance: Our lights, camera, lashes™ 4-in-1 mascara could be considered a push-up bra for your lashes—a 4-in-1 (lengthening, curling, volumizing, and conditioning) plus it’s dermatologist- and clinically-proven to increase the appearance of lash volume.

Powered By: olive esters: conditions, treats and protects lashes.


My lashes did indeed go through a bit of a “push up bra” type makeover – they look longer and fuller but definitely not fake! The mascara lasted all day without any irritation, and I was wearing contact lenses so I would have been even more prone to itchy eyes. It was also easy to take off (a win in my books!) and didn’t make my lashes feel like they were going to crack. While I must admit that I’m usually in such a rush that I don’t have time to think about wearing a primer before my mascara, the results are evident and if I’m ever in excess of time I definitely will!

PS – On my waterline I’m wearing Topshop Eye Crayon in the colour Marble which I do not recommend for using in your waterline like I did, as I’ve realised that everytime I’ve done this I’ve ended up with unabated watering eyes – and it stings!


PPS – and Barry M Gelly Hi Shine Nail Paint in Prickly Pear, my current nail obsession!

PPPS – I promise I’ll stop soon, just wanted you to know I’ve claimed my blog over on Bloglovin’ and it would be nice to have you follow me, if you use it! I’ve been using this reader for ages, never even had a Google Reader account, but I know loads of people were massively peeved at having to change from their favourite blog reader. Follow my blog with Bloglovin!



  1. fabrikreklame · March 27, 2013

    I love your blog! I am definitely going to try all these mascaras out. Thanks!

    • MizzBusby · March 27, 2013

      Awh thanks! I’m glad you like it!
      Let me know how you get on, I’d love to read what you think 🙂 xx

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