A Beautiful Woman: A few words about my mom.

Reading this post on international women’s day, I thought about doing a post on inspiring women, but thought it better to write about the one most important to me.
Most people I meet are quite jealous of my relationship with my mom. Haha! And rightly so. Many comment that we look like sisters (?), and bicker like friends, which we definitely do.
I never really know what to say when it comes to talking about my mom because she means so much to me. It’s cliche, but there really are no words. I have a horrible recurring nightmare that my mom has died and I wake up feeling so utterly helpless that I just don’t know what to do.
She’s everything to me. I don’t know anyone who makes me laugh more, stress less or cook me better dinners! In every aspect of life I know that I can turn to her and find a wealth of strength and fount of knowledge. Immeasurably supportive, there are so many things I would never have tried to do if she hadn’t believed in me. My mom is my mom, dad, sister and greatest friend all rolled up into one. I’ve never felt as though I missed out due to not having an interested father, and I can only credit her for that.
While we definitely have our differences, I’m thankful that she always let me speak my mind, even when others thought I was too young to do so (though she probably regrets it a little when we argue!) I can’t think of a stronger, more beautiful, and graceful woman than my mom and I hope that I can be a reflection of all she has taught me.
While there’s so much more I could say, it all sums up to
I love you so much Mom!
Happy Mother’s Day!

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