Beauty Review: The Lip Scrub & Sugar Lip Treatment

I decided my first reviews would be of the things I’ve used most, which have to be the lip products! I’m a big fan of a statement lipstick, so keeping my lips in tip top condition is high on my list of priorities!

The Lip Scrub – Sara Happ

Sara Happ Scrub

The Lip Scrub comes in a lovely little box with a bow (that I forgot to photograph – soz!) that makes it really suitable for gift giving. I tried my first lip scrubs from B Never To Busy To Be Beautiful (their short lived sister beauty contingent of Lush) and then  tried the Lush formula after B shut down. The idea behind them is the same, a sugar based scrub with moisturisers that aims to remove dead skin.

The Sara Happ scrubs come in four standard flavours (peppermint, vanilla bean, brown sugar, creme brulee)  plus four special/limited edition flavours (red velvet, green apple, blood orange and black velvet cherry which comes in a special gift duo with a lip slip). Ola got me the brown sugar which has a lovely muscovado/carmel flavour.

back of scrub

According to the website, the Brown Sugar Scrub has  “Light and dark brown sugar crystals blend together with Jojoba and Grape seed oils to create the perfect conditions for smooth skin”. The scrub is thick and a little difficult to manoeuvre out of the tub but a little goes a long way and it is indeed very moisturising, and leaves your lips with a satisfying layer of moisture even after wiping (or licking!) away the sugar.

While this isn’t a comparison against the Lush scrubs (which I may do at a later date) its hard not to compare the two. I definitely feel the addition of moisturising ingredients with more staying power (and maybe petroleum?) to the Sara Happ scrubs give them a better texture as the granules stay on your lips long enough to move the scrub around and get it working. I hope it also means that this scrub won’t dry out like one of my other ones has!

All in all I’m loving the Sara Happ lip scrub, and really am wondering “how [I] ever lived without it.

The Sara Happ Lip Scrub is listed on her official website for $24.00. It is available from Selfridges for £20.00.

Sugar Lip Treatment, Berry – Fresh

sugar fresh berry

This mini lip balm makes up for its small appearance in stature of its great ingredients. Naturally humectant sugar, protectant oils, anti-oxidants and SPF all wrapped up in a fruity berry swivel stick. I also enjoy the buildable sheer colour that it gives, which actually makes a difference on my lips, unlike some tinted lip balms.
sugar lip swatch berry
The lip treatment has an almost waxy texture, keeping lips supple and luscious for a number of hours without the need to reapply. I think this is down to the fact that its not very flavoured (though it has a very sweet smell) so I’m not tempted to eat it! Recently, I’ve been using this with my MAC Magenta lip liner. It’s quite a nice way to wear colour casually during the day, without the drying feeling of lipstick. (I’ll put a photo of me wearing it in below the post!)
I’m loving this lipbalm, and it’s only negative point is that its quite soft and I think it’s starting to melt a bit!
The Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment is listed on their website at $22.50.
2013-03-01 101

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