Cleaning Out My Closet

Cleaning Out My Closet

They say confession is good for the soul, so I must disclose that I am a ridiculously terrible hoarder. I never really noticed the stuff building up, but I do love to shop, and now that I’ve gotten to the point where there’s hardly enough room in my wardrobe for the stuff I have (never mind the new bits I’ve bought!) it’s definitely time for a clear out.

How do you decide whether something has had its moment? Are you ruthless in recycling your clothes, or like me, do you hold on for old time’s sake?

*Infographic found on Pinterest


  1. Rianna Powell · March 13, 2013

    This is good, I needed this picture… though I may end up with no clothes after I’m done.

    • MizzBusby · March 13, 2013

      Its pretty good for clearing out isn’t it!? My mum tried to give me ‘if you haven’t worn it more than once in the last year’ but that’s a bit too restrictive.

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