Before Sex After Love

Just over a year ago, I was introduced to a fabulous group of women via twitter almost all of whom I can today call wonderful friends. These women came in the form of Team Bangs on the Run, 13 bad ass women who run their worlds in a unique way.

Before Sex, After Love is a brand and blog by Candice who is a member of Team Bangs. Birthed out of encouragement from her Twitter followers who believed that her poignant professions on sex love and relationships deserved more than 140 characters to be fully expressed, Before Sex After Love is more than just a relationship blog.

Through her project Run The World Candice has been raising funds for Avert, an international HIV & AIDS charity. Through BSAL Candice has not only been educating the blogosphere on sexual health, but also enlightening many on aspects of other people’s sex lives that you may have never considered. Never had I thought I’d find a guest post from a dominatrix preceded by an interview with a glamour model, all tied up with Candie’s enlightenment from her own experiences. It makes for addictive, entertaining and informative reading which always makes me question my predilections and prejudices.

Most recently Candice has added a new dimension to #BSAL in the form of the BBC. That is, the BSAL Book Club! We are reading Sex and the Single Girl, by Helen Gurley Brown.


A controversial and quick-witted read, written in the 60’s, it is what can only be called a self-help guide for all the golden girl single ladies out there.

What I’m loving about the book so far is Gurley’s encouragement of women to aim to be much more than someone a man can love. I feel it is more about self-development, self awareness and self love.

While I don’t want to give too much away, as not everyone in the BBC has received their book yet, I will say that Gurley has reminded me that knowing yourself and developing yourself for you, is more important than anything you do for anyone else. (Which reminds me that you should all check out this post which the lovely Sam (also of Team Bangs fame) tweeted the other day).

  • Have you read Sex and the Single Girl?
  • Do you have any radical feminist views?



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