I’m Melting!

*wicked witch of the west voice optional*

What do we do when the temperature goes up? Strip down of course! Replacing jumpers and with crop tops and jeans with shorts, even the modest among us are showing a little more flesh now that the sun is out. But what about your face?


Are you still wearing the full she-bang of concealer, foundation, powder, blusher and bronzer? Has your face actually felt the sun?!

While the carefree out there are frolicking sans foundation, I for one know that this is not something everyone is comfortable with. So my solution is, think light! Only wear what i really essential, and let your natural skin shine. The extra vitamin D will do it some good!

In the summer time I strip back from wearing foundation and go back to basics. A little bit of concealer to cover scars, hyperpigmentation, spots and the like, over a high SPF primer, then a quick (and light!) dusting of Mineralize Skin Finish Natural powder, with a little blusher if I’m feeling fancy.

Wearing heavy slap in the summer is not only a pain because it melts, but it can actually make your skin worse, by clogging your pores with oily, melted makeup. Which only fuels the vicious cycle of wearing more makeup to cover it!

And while we’re talking skincare, do make sure you’re wearing SPF. Even on cloudy days UV rays are damaging to your skin. I religiously wear an SPF 50 primer on my face everyday. It’s that important!

So let your skin breathe, only cover the bits you really can’t bear to see, and feel the warmth of the sun on your skin.

I promise you, its beautiful 🙂

What’s your summer makeup routine?


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