In response to your request….

It’s been a while hasn’t it?

Leading a life exciting enough to blog about, unfortunately does not leave one with much time to blog. Between studying (sort of) and sleeping, I’ve run two half marathons, one in Cambridge the other in Berlin (with a PB of 02:15 in Berlin), quit my job, been both makeup artist and costume maker for my university’s annual musical: Curtains, made a new best friend, gone to a vintage fair in Leeds and a sports tour in Italy, and seen Drake in concert. I’ve also been on a bit of an emotional rollercoaster but I’ll refrain from talking about that, for now.

Something had to give so I dropped out of the Inter-Uni Pole Dance competition and abandoned the blog.

So why am I back?

Well, because you asked!


I say this because, other than my mom (on occasion), I reckon Rianna and a few of Team Bangs are the only people who ever read this blog.

I find it hard to publish my thoughts on the internet, especially with the backlash of (mostly) random tweets getting me into hot water on more than one occasion. (I won’t deny a few indirects but what else is Twitter really for?) But I’m gonna try and give it a go.

And of course, you know that if I’m blogging, naturally I am also procrastinating. It’s exam season, I need to get my kicks somewhere!


Peace out.

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