Night #3

This is my third night in the library.

Technically I shouldn’t be here. My essay should have been done and dusted at 4o’clock and that should have been the end of it. But it is not. I have a serious problem with concentration.

If there is a dragon breathing fire over my shoulder, I can crank out a 2000 word essay easy. The second I don’t have the imminent threat of pain (hurting my pride, mostly) forcing me to complete the task at hand, I go off the rails. Today I even managed to Google ‘washing your keyboard in the dishwasher’. I kid you not. Check it out for yourself here.


Here are some handy hints* if you fancy taking up residence in your local library.Image

*I’m giving you these hints in the hope that I will follow some of them too.

#1 Keep Cool

Cold water works particularly well. It keeps you alert, your brain hydrated, and generally just feeling fresh, in contradistinction (I’ve been reading history books all day) to the groggy horrible feeling after your 48395th coffee. (Need I mention there are no calories in water? Cool.) Sitting near an open window is also pretty effective, but can be uncomfortable. If you’re hard enough – go for it!

#2 Aim High

Set yourself some reasonable goals, so that you can see how you’re progressing, and that you’re not congratulating yourself for having written 500 words in five hours. Nice 300 word intro in 45 minutes to an hour? Not too shabby!

#3 Log Off

Log out of Facebook, sign out of Twitter, leave Bebo (permanently), and delete your MSN account. Talking to people when you’re meant to be studying is not productive. Especially not if you’re talking about how much work you’ve yet to do. No, it’s not!

#4 Take a Break

Don’t think that sitting staring at the same page of text for forty minutes is gonna help the fact that you’ve exhausted your mind. Get up, walk around, have some more water, maybe even set yourself a limited time to go back online. Just make sure you stick to your set time. This blog post is my break – I have two minutes to get finished!

#5 Be Prepared

For the hunger pangs! (And other excuses to go home before you’re finished). Take provisions with you, so that leaving the library for food/because your phone’s about to die/you forgot your lipgloss is unjustifiable. Be prepared for all situations.

And with that, its time to go back to figuring out if the abolition of the slave trade was a “moral victory” for the British!

Night x

Ps – and next time, start early so you’re not stuck here for three nights, like me!

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