It’s all in the application….

How did you learn to apply makeup?

The thing about enhancing your beauty with makeup, is knowing how to apply it so as to flatter your features. I refuse to believe that anyone went from crooked crayola drawings to perfectly penned eyeliner – it comes with practice, experimentation, and even a little embarrassment. How else would you know that you needed to let your mascara dry so that it wouldn’t smudge all over your eyelid? It doesn’t exactly say on the packaging!

I took inspiration from the makeup my mom wore, which, in the Caribbean was pretty minimal due to the heat. I also found that I would try to emulate looks I saw in magazines. Be it from an ad or a tutorial, before the days of Youtube makeup artists, this was how everyone did it!

Once I had perfected my blending technique via colourways of pink, blue and green all at once, (Lauren aged 10 thought this was very cool -OK?) I soon moved on to learning how to use a kohl pencil. Oh the pain. How does one define their eyes without looking like they’ve had ten sleepless nights? A was a question often asked whilst stabbing myself in the eye with a Rimmel pencil.

Fast forward to the last five years, and most of my makeup inspiration still comes from magazines. While I went through a phase of watching Youtube artists, especially Lauren Luke (who eventually got scouted by several high profile cosmetic companies and now has her own makeup line, I believe), there are now so many out there who all do the same thing, I can’t be bothered to sieve out the good from the bad.

The biggest part of my makeup application education was probably working in a beauty salon as a receptionist while I was in sixth form. For the most part I was a glorified cleaner, but I did get to learn how to do a french manicure, give a hand massage, and how to properly apply makeup. Plus I was allowed to experiment with our testers, and once I’d practiced a bit, I was even let loose on a few brave (but non-paying) customers!

I think the most important part of makeup application, and often the most difficult, is figuring out what colours suit you, and then blend, blend, blend.


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