How to Blog

Excuse the dreamy picture.


I don’t know why I want to make this blog so serious. I mean, not in terms of content, but I would like to keep it regularly updated with content worth reading/looking/laughing at, or even just thinking about.

Last week I went to a workshop on feature writing. I knew there were journalistic styles, but this guy was so prescriptive of the format in which a good feature article had to be written, that I was a little intimidated! It also made it clear to me that blogging is not really practice for journalism. For one, I wouldn’t really be able to talk about myself if I were a journalist, according to this lecturer (I don’t see why not, I reckon I’d sell tons of papers!), and the restrictions in place just make it so much less fun.

So, since I was last here I’ve been making lots of plans. I’ve researched loads of different blogs, all based on things I’m interested in, and taken inspiration from there. I have also gone back to Tumblr’ing a little bit! I used to spend a lot of time reblogging when I was meant to be reading, but now I hope it’ll be a little more focused.

I’ve also imported all my running posts from the Tumblr I set up during training for the half marathon I ran in September, so if your interested in that, have a flick back through my posts! I’ll try and figure out how to create a link to them and update this post (I’m no good with technical computer things. Yes I’m only 20. Don’t judge me.)

You can look forward to lots of new stuff coming up on the blog soon, and I hope you’ll like it!


Lauren x

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