A Change Gon’ Come

Well look-y here! This space has been awfully neglected. But worry not, cos a change gon’ come. Whenever I look at established blogs, they are filled with reams upon reams (lines upon lines?) of beautifully written prose. I am not saying I can not write, but I always feel like I need to make my writing on my blog more… sophisticated. Make use of all those persuasive writing techniques I was taught at GCSE, like alliteration and onomatopoeia. But this blog is about me – so why should I write it like anyone else? Nope, I won’t have it anymore. From here on out, I write, I ramble, I shout, or I whisper: and it goes on the page the way it comes out of my head. And if that happens to be beautiful, then so be it.   Ciao x

things will never be the same



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