Aspirations, Challenges and Commitment

I don’t know about any of you, but I have a problem with commitment.
Quite often I throw myself in at the deep-end of what seems at the time to be an excellent idea or goal, however achieving its culmination is rarely how my story ends. That being said, I do love to challenge myself, and continue to do so.

Most recently, it has been with Team Bangs on the Run 2, a running team set up by the inspirational Bangs and a Bun. This, was a challenge many thought would go the way of the rest. That I would train for a few days, weeks maybe, and then, that I would forget about it and give up. But I did not.

This was a challenge that I completed. And you know what? It made me feel invincible.

If you can follow through a plan to complete a goal or a challenge that you have set yourself, why the hell can’t you complete your next one?

So, here I am. Setting myself a new challenge. As of right now, as you read these words on this screen, I am a blogger.

I’m going places. If you want to come along, follow me.


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