Runner’s Confessional

I didn’t go to  church today so I’m baring my soul here.

I just looked at my Nike Coach page.

According to schedule, I am on week SIX. The week I’ve been dreading from the start. The week with an extra run. The week which means I should be half-way to half-marathon ready.

I am not.

It’s time for the truth to be known. I have not been keeping to schedule. I haven’t run for nearly two weeks. *heart pounds at the idea of #teambangsontherun2 reading this post* 

It started with my new job (which I began in week 2 of training).The hours are unusual to say the least (6.45-2.30), five days a week.

Full time job + exercise = tired Lauren

  At first I thought I was fine; coping even! But by the beginning of week 4 things started to slip. I missed my long run at the end of week 3. Took a whole week to fit it back into schedule and by then I put week 4’s long run out of sync too!

I was coming home from work exhausted and falling asleep on the couch at 5pm. My mom (training partner extraordinaire) said I needed a few days off, which I gladly took. Then week 5 came, and my mom – who had struggled through the long awaited 16km week 4 long run with me – had been put on steroids by the doctor for a chest infection. She couldn’t run with me, and so for a whole week, I found reasons not to either.

This is not OK. I’ve been aware for a while that I will be running Run To The Beat without my mom. But I still haven’t managed to run more than 5k without her. 

I feel like I’m letting TeamBangs down. I don’t feel anywhere near ready. I’m no where near as fast, or as dedicated. Then I watched this:

I realised that, while I have been challenging myself with distance, I have not been persevering consistence. 

And so this week, I hop right back on the running horse – and this time, I will run without stopping.

Running definitely is mental; in all respects, and I intend to conquer it.

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