#TeamBangsOnTheRun2 meet Nike Running @Covent Garden

Six am starts are not things that I am a fan of. No way. But this was different. Today I was waking up this early to make a four hour coach, to meet the greatness that is Team Bangs! 

Having convinced Sam and Kelly that the coach was a more economical method of travelling to London, we all met on the bus with Kelly making it with one minute to spare. It was lovely travelling with the girls, and we chit-chatted most of the way down, only stopping for short naps and me doing my NOTD!

We arrived in London half an hour early, and then got the tube to Covent Garden, whose station was incredibly busy. Having climbed all 129037194803247435 steps, we collapsed on the kerb to catch our breath before heading for a quick Starbucks pick-me-up.

As we waited for Amy outside Covent Garden station, we were pleased to find some more Team Bangs ladies. Together we walked over to the Nike store, where we were greeted, shown round the store and given an itinerary of all the promotions and activities Nike has lined up for the Run to the Beat half-marathon. Then, one by one, we had our gait analysed, which prescribed what kind of sneaker would be best for our running style. I had been a little nervous but there was no need – you aren’t expected to run at any particular speed, and it literally is just for a few seconds. Then the lovely Nike lady showed me the impact on my ankles when I hit the ground running (get it?;) and then compared the footage with that of me running in more supportive sneaks. 

In between all the gait analysing, it was clear to see that TeamBangsontheRun2 are a vibrant, fun and beautiful crew and that we all get on smashingly! We chatted, tried on clothes, played with the displays, and got in the way of the general public all while having tons of fun. 

Hungry from all the running we collectively did in Nike (I jest) we had a team carb loading session in Kitchen Italia, with more laughs than I could count, great conversation, and quite yummy pasta (as well as a yummy waiter)! 

Ending it all with a team huddle and cuddles, we went our separate ways, all more pumped up and motivated than before, ready to take on our mammoth task. 13.1miles ain’t got nothing on us!


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