Race for Life 5k

Baking. Burning. Sweating. Hot.

And this was just in the car, stuck in traffic, on our way to Temple Newsam for the Race for Life 5k. It was over 20 degrees, and it was only 9.30am. We (my mother and I) were late, as was everyone else in our line of traffic, and the heat only made it more stressful. We parked as quickly as we could, pinning our numbers somewhat haphazardly to our home cut racer back t-shirts. Meeting some of my mom’s work colleagues who were determined to walk the whole thing, we left them our valuables, because we planned to run. 

Well, I say run. I mean jog. Unlike the lovely Sam of TeamBangsOnTheRun2 fame <www.samantha-avena.com>, I, did not align myself with the runners for the race for life. Jogging is just fine for me, thanks.

We did the compulsory cheesy pre-race photos and funky dancing warm-up, the sun beat down, and we were off.

I won’t do a kilometre-by-kilometre breakdown, because my memory doesn’t serve me that greatly, but there were many ups and downs along the route, mainly in the form of big hills! I grew tired, but my music kept me going, despite having to stop and walk sections to get me through crowds of slow walking people who didn’t have a previous 5k time to break. Having a warden tell us we were approaching the final 500m, I decided it was time for business. I was running the rest, it was too hot to go any slower – I just wanted to be finished. 

And finish I did, with a time of 00:37:36, a new personal best, and a great improvement on the week before’s 41minute 5k fun run, which was no fun at all.

* I promise to add photos later 🙂


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