My First Run

My First Run

Today I became a runner.

Though some might say I’ve been a runner for a long time (someone, somewhere on the interwebs had a quote along the lines of, “if you run, no matter how fast or how often, you are a runner”) but today, I went running by myself. For the first time ever.

I only realized this was about to happen about half an hour before I set off. I’d often dreamed of being one of those (what I once called jaded, hippy) people who run to ‘get things off their mind’ or to ‘think’ etcetera… But that was never me. Why do that when I could sit on my sofa munching away my problems?

Saying that, last year, I did complete the Race For Life 10k, in roughly 1:38. Though this was a complete fluke, a stroke of luck, which I can bestow only to youth and good health. I did not train, per say, for the race. What I did was take a single lap around Roundhay Park lake two nights before the race, in the dark with my fitness-freak of a friend. I surprised myself that I managed to run the majority of the race, but the Run to the Beat half marathon is gonna take more than sprightliness to get through. Not to mention the fact I weigh almost a whole stone more than I did last year. 

It’s time to get into the shape of my life for the sake of Team Bangs On the Run 2. 

Before my run I had been tweeting fellow members of the team, who had filled me with dread at the prospects of possibly throwing up after completing a run! So needless to say, I monitored my steps and my stomach the whole way round. 


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