hehe. Excitement all the way — look who I get to run with?



Day 6


So there I was on the train this morning casually considering stripping & punching someone in the face (listen to Chase&Status during rush hour & see if you dont feel the same!)

When I decided to have a wee look (lies Im totally addicted) on Twitter and there it was:



Yes way. Half mara. Deffo.

Bangs had chosen not just myself, not just T but Samantha too?! GTFOH!

Oh man, now I casually wanted to strip just for the heck of it. (name a reason, I’ll drop a garment!)

I rang Tahirah.

‘You made the team!’ I squealed like a proud parent too high on success to realise I was talking way too loud.

T was over the moon. I was overwhelmed.

‘This is going to be a great year. I just NEVER would have guessed running would be the main factor’ she mused.

Its always when your not paying attention, cool shit happens.

big grin

Now, lets remember we are 6 days away from the 10k (I swear to baby jesus as I typed that my heart rate soared)

I cant talk for Tahirah (oi, if your reading this T, chime in) but I am feeling so, so. Every run I do lets me know I got it but along comes low self esteem, like a thief in the night, taking me for all I got.

It’s all in here taps head Thats where the real battle is at.

Am I good enough?


Men lie. Women lie. My numbers dont.

Perspire2Inspire xoxo


Look, look at these two beautiful women (plus 11 others) that I get to run with in September!!

This .. I’m too excited to type.

Blog later!

In the mean time. LIFE IS GOOD!

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