So, it looks like I’m running a half-marathon…

I’ve been idly saying that I plan to get fit, tone up, fit into my favourite jeans, look like Naomi Campbell, save the world, make a million bucks… 

Now I have to. Over the course of the weekend I saw a post from @bangsandabun on Twitter, about running the Nike+ Run to the Beat half-marathon, as a part of a team of 13 lovely ladies. I thought, I probably won’t make the team anyway, so I may as well apply, and if by some odd stroke of misfortune I am selected for the team, then I’ll have to suck it up and get my ass in gear.

So here we are. 

Previously I was using this blog just for reblogging idealistic pictures of skinny people, as well as online workout videos, plans, and various diets, but from here on out, I will be recording my training and progress, in addition to all of the above!

To find out more about TeamBangsOnTheRun2, check out BangsAndABun’s blog – she’s awesome:

and also, follow us all on Twitter!

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