So yesterday I took up the first week of the Seven Week Challenge. (

The whole team thing started last week, but I saw no reason as to why I shouldn’t just do it off my own back. So I started with the first weekly challenge (of which there are three):

25 lunges

25 squats

25 leg lifts

10 x wall squats held for 45 seconds

All of this, twice a day. Yep – twice a day. Is this lady trying to kill me?

First of all – I can only hold a wall squat for 30 seconds, MAX, and after one I feel like DYING. How on EARTH am I supposed to do TEN?! So fair to say I cheated. I did everything in the morning, (but only holding the 10 wall squats for some seconds) and the in the gym, after 25minutes on the crosstrainer/elliptical I repeated the leg lifts, and a few wall squats. I did everything again this morning, and I can just about walk! My thighs haven’t ached this hard since I can’t remember when! I must be outta shape – lets hope I can repeat everything tonight without my legs falling off.


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