Wintergirl: How to speed up your metabolism

Wintergirl: How to speed up your metabolism


  • Eat breakfast –  If you have been dieting or skipping meals your body’s metabolism slows down to compensate for the lack of nutrients
  • Eat healthier  – Increase dietary fiber
     – limit sugary foods, alcohol, caffeine and don’t smoke. 
     – The best foods are:
    fish, dark green leafy vegetables, tomatoes, blueberries and other fruits, whole grains, and at least 8 glasses of water a day.
  • Get active – it’s a sure-fire way to increase the amount of muscle you have, which in turn will speed up your metabolism. Do a mixture of aerobic and resistance training for best results. And don’t forget to be more active in your daily life too.
  • Eat little and often – there’s evidence that eating small, regular meals throughout the day, rather than one or two large meals, may help to keep your metabolism ticking over. Surprisingly, around 10 percent of the calories we use each day go on digesting and absorbing food – so the more times you eat, the greater this effect is likely to be.
  • Eat plenty of protein-rich foods – research shows that around 25 percent of calories in a protein-rich meal may be burnt off. But make sure you choose low-fat protein foods such as lean meat, skinless chicken and low-fat dairy products.
  • Spice up meals – it’s not an old wives tale after all! Spices like chilli are thought to raise metabolism by up to 50 percent for up to three hours after eating, due to increasing your heart rate. But before putting the local Indian takeaway on speed dial, work out which curries have the lowest calorie and fat content.
  • Swap you daily cuppa for green tea – there’s evidence that it contains antioxidants that speed up metabolism.
  • Try a CLA supplement – more extensive studies need to be carried out before any definite conclusions can be drawn, but research has shown that conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) might increase muscle and therefore boost metabolism.
  • Chill out – research shows that being very cold can increase metabolism by up to 20 percent.
  • Have a sauna – being very hot is also thought to boost metabolism by about 20 percent
  • Interval Training – Start off at a slower speed and kicking it up to high levels then back down. There are many ways to do this. The key is to push your body to different levels. If you do it right you can really speed up your metabolism and burn a ton of calories.
  • Go for the After Burn – The more intense you workout… The more calories you’ll continue to burn “after” your workout is over keeping your fat-burning metabolism higher all throughout the day.
  • Exercise less but more frequently – Scientists are now saying you can actually lose more weight & keep your metabolism fired up longer by doing 4 smaller 10-minute workouts instead of 1 big 30-to-40-minute workout
  • Drink at least 1 liter of ice cold water daily – Not only does water help prevent you from getting bloated by flushing out excess water weight but as far as increasing your metabolism goes…The fat burning process of metabolism needs water to work effectively and… Your body has to raise your metabolism to burn extra calories to warm up the Ice cold water you drink. (A Clinical Research Center in Berlin found that after you drink 17 ounces of water – Your fat-burning metabolism increases by 30% within 10 minutes of drinking water)
  • Do something when you wake up – The best time to workout to lose weight is first thing in morning so you’ll burn more fat but as far as revving up your metabolism goes…Morning workouts give you a longer lasting After burner effect that helps you burn more calories during the day while on the other hand…You do get some after burn with evening workouts but your after burn won’t last as long since you’ll probably end up going to bed in the evening and when you sleep – your metabolism slows back down.
  • Have breakfast after your morning workout – NO COFFEE – You need to eat good breakfast with some protein and fiber to boost your fat-burning metabolism earlier in the day so you can burn more fat and…If you do skip breakfast you’ll miss out on all the calories you could’ve burned if you wait until lunch or dinnertime to eat because… Skipping breakfast makes your metabolism (which is already slow from you sleeping 8-to-12 hours) even slower and…Studies show that when you eat breakfast… You won’t overeat, you’ll maintain your weight, and you’ll lose more weight while on diet & exercise programs.
  • Improve your thyroid function – Your thyroid basically regualtes your metabolism and you may be able to increase your metabolism simply by eating more seafood, nuts & seeds becasue All of these foods are high in Selenium, Vitamin E, Iodine, Zinc & Copper and…All of those nutrients are essential for better thyorid function to help boost your metabolism and not having enough of those nutrients will cause your metabolism to slow down and/or you may develop hypothyroidism and as a matter of fact…People who have hypothyroidism or slow metabolisms add more Selenium, Vitamin E, Iodine, Zinc & Copper to their diets to nautrally treat hypothyroidism to help speed up their metabolism to help them lose weight again.

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